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La Muse'broc, Lodevois cultural café, to serve you !

Jérôme and Maÿ in front of the Muse'broc

The first time her road took her to Lodève was around twenty years ago, in February. The weather was gray, the rain and the facades oozed boredom and Maÿ remembers saying to Jérôme: “Lodève never! ".

Today, the Danish woman and the southerner are emblematic figures of the city where they finally settled, raised three children, opened an architect's office, to end up realizing a dream that was a little crazy, a little vague, like maybe these two, a place that has been on their minds since they met and that goes back a long time, right lovers!?

La Muse'broc is a café with weathered walls, decorated with lovingly found furniture and objects, mismatched tables and chairs. A bit like a family home, you immediately feel at home. Its glass roof workshop overlooks the small square, located at the foot of the Lodève Museum where an impressive plane tree shades its terrace in the warm season.

The Muse'broc and its many faces

Order with your eyes closed. Here, we serve platters of local charcuterie, cheeses and raw vegetables with the taste of the seasons and local production but also sweets, homemade cakes, ice creams, artisanal sorbets, and then organic and/or organic wines that are dynamic, local and lively, craft beers and sodas, fresh and seasonal juices. But also coffees, lattes, cappuccinos, chocolates, teas...

To keep the place alive all year round, Maÿ and Jérôme organize concerts, exhibitions, readings, small debates, and happy festive evenings. “It’s an adventure that we wanted to share with our children, with the desire to also contribute to making this city more attractive.” The bet paid off.

If Lodève reminds you of nothing other than a motorway exit at the foot of Larzac and at the gates of Salagou, if crossing it you have the same impression as Maÿ did on her first visit, stop off at Muse'broc .

Maÿ will tell you how the city seduced her, with its architectural potential, then its unique topography. “ It is located in a narrow valley, crossed by two rivers and relatively preserved from wild expansion.” Mac do broke his teeth there a few years ago, they say. “It also has the particularity of being teeming with innovative initiatives and projects,” adds Maÿ.

The one designed by the couple 5 years ago initially planned to transform the building belonging to the Town Hall into an annex to the Museum, with workshops for children and artist residencies, in partnership with other associations. “The project was pioneering, a little too risky for the banks. We reduced the size, and designed accommodation above. »

No regrets, these two knew how to push the walls and bring the most varied artistic offerings into their cultural café to the delight of passing customers and regulars alike.

Hours: Tuesday to Friday: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m., sometimes later (depending on schedule)
Saturday: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Closed Sunday & Monday

If you're interested, the site is here:

... You will find other appointments to taste there!

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