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Our credo ...


To make you discover “at the end of the road” what you were looking for so far at the end of the world...


Make the local a standard, the after world an exploration, nature a destination, the encounter a richness, the slowness an art of travel, and see revitalization as a proposal of accompaniment...

A favorite, a meeting, a recipe ...

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cycling routes

Cycling routes

When Sylvain Tesson releases (in 2022) in the Bouquins collection a collection of 1,400 pages of his travel stories which tops the sales charts in a few days, we say to ourselves that wandering energy is more popular than ever! But to escape there is no need to travel the world in long strides, confirms the seasoned adventurer, “a simple map at 1/25,000 is enough, this treasure map which reveals the crossing paths to us”.

This is also what we offer you !

We offer you routes designed to help you discover at the end of the road what you were looking for until then at the end of the world. They were designed with the participation of the Lodévois & Larzac Tourist Office, departing from Gîtes de la Soulondre to be done by bike or on foot, in half a day or a day.

# 1 | 28 km

Lodève - Olmet-et-Villecun - Le Puech - Lac du Salagou - Lodève


The first takes you towards the village of Puech and Lake Salagou... You will meet Pascal Poot there. People said about him: "He's a madman who tries to grow vegetables without water", now we see him. 'listen. We visited his vegetable garden and toured his seeds and seedlings store for you (podcast to listen to).

You will then make a detour to Mas Caoudou, where Lucien will soon pass his hand, he will tell you the story of his wine.

Marion, who makes soaps, will probably not be on her land when you pass by but she is waiting for you on the way back, at the entrance to Lodève, where she opened a Guinguette, La Selva, located below the Super U. You pass by, you won't be able to miss it. Stop. This will be a good time to have a drink and/or a snack. We also handed her a microphone, she’s a native of the country, she’s so pretty to listen to.

Download your route map here !

Sound walk ...

Take this podcast with you to accompany your cycling journey ! 

For the moment we are there… but we are preparing the rest of the story for you. We will go to the Attrape-rêve for, perhaps, a fantastic ride (it is an equestrian center located on the edge of Lac du Salagou), it lives up to its name, believe me ! Then we will meet Corentin and his wife at Mas Frigoulet, more wine, but another story, just as exciting. This should make us hungry. We have planned a stopover for you at La Réserve, it seems that the food is very very good there.


When all this is in the box, we will invite you to download your route, and equip yourself with a small helmet... And hey, have a good trip !

+ information on bike rental ...

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