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What good wine brings you?


Noëlle Bardou has the frank smile and voluble speech of women of passion. Hers was born on a life path, following her man (1), consulting sommelier, to Hérault from Haute-Savoie where she grew up and lived a good part of her life.

After many jobs, it was a Pôle Emploi advisor in 2012 who pushed her to launch her project.

Your husband is in the wine business, you would make an excellent guide, why not get into wine tourism?

In Narbonne where she trained for a year, she was the “old lady” of the class at 53 years old. However, she says with a laugh, she would be one of the only ones to transform the test and become a guide. You will tell me with a husband who knows how to open the doors of the best cellars in the region and a chat that prevents them from closing, she had a lot going for her.

Today, she organizes winegrower walks in around ten estates spread throughout the Cœur d'Hérault country. During these visits, the winegrowers are always present to talk about their wine and have it tasted. Noelle, on the other hand, talks about the aspects of the profession that are a little more unknown to the general public. Like the cycle of the vine, the importance of the terroir and the typicity it brings to the wines, the botanical environment which is fertile and conducive to the vine. Before raising your glasses, she introduces you to the essential steps of a successful tasting.

In the evening, she also imagined a formula that we can only recommend. Aperitifs on site at sunset. Hmm, I can already see you there with a drink in hand, sitting in a deck chair - she explains that it's very cozy - in the middle of the vineyards, with a magnificent view, and the sun slowly setting.

Noëlle already has two new meetings to offer you this summer, July 25 and August 8 , in a never-before-visited area, which borders Lake Salagou.

If you're interested, his website is here:

... You will find other appointments to taste there!

(1) graduate of the Suze la Rousse Wine University

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