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What if you gave yourself a dance?


What's better than starting summer by taking some time for yourself? On July 1 and 2, 2023, the Soulondre lodges are organizing a weekend around free dance and Wutao. Don't google the meaning of this acronym which rhymes with movement and energy, but note that the two teachings complement each other perfectly. Freeing movement gives wings to dance.

Let me introduce you to the two speakers who are giving us the pleasure of coming to inaugurate the newly opened passage room on the garden level. Cécile teaches in Avignon, Merce lives here, a house perched at the top of the village with a view overlooking Mont Ventoux. One comes from martial arts, the other dance. All rounded, powerful, supple and grounded, Cécile the redhead calms the ardor of Merce the brunette, slender, sparkling, lively and fast like the current. Together, their bodies express themselves in two different languages that complement each other perfectly.


I have made this trip many times with both of them over the past ten years. There is no magic, no spirit invoked, it is a question of breathing, undulation, rhythm, freedom of movement and interpretation of the gesture. Gradually, these sequences reconnect us with our life drive.

We are far from having explored what our body could teach us about life. The Wutao invites us to enter this kingdom left fallow in our overly corseted societies. Dance allows us to connect it to who we are. You may not get very far on your first trip, but take your time, whatever path you take, this door will lead you into an unknown, immensely vast territory that connects all living beings together. Have a good trip !

For practical details, everything is written here.

We are waiting for you from Saturday July 1 at 10 a.m. to Sunday July 2 at 5 p.m.

You can arrive as early as Friday evening. We are happy to accommodate you. We will pick you up in Montpellier if necessary (40 minutes by car)

We provide vegetarian and healthy lunches. In addition to practice, electric bikes are available to pedal to the magnificent Salagou Lake. The swimming pool will be open, the garden available.

The all-inclusive rate is 160 euros.

Practice alone, without accommodation, with lunches at 90 euros.

  1. To register, contact Cécile: and by email

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